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7 Tips To Consider Before Choosing A Physiotherapist In Calgary

Tue Aug 17

It may not be easy to find a physiotherapist since individuals aren’t sure how to start the search. They are confused because of too many physiotherapist choices available when looking for the best physiotherapists in Canada. However, while finding a good physiotherapy clinic in Calgary, you can follow the below-mentioned tips. 

Identifying where your discomfort is and identifying the most probable reason for it, whether it is a sports injury or postoperative requirements, is the first step in locating a physiotherapist who can help you with the best treatment.

#1. Check for their area of expertise

While searching for a good physiotherapist, one thing to bear in mind is that not every therapist can meet your unique requirements. This is because physiotherapists specialize after years of academic training and study. Physiotherapists may specialize in various areas, including stroke therapy, spine and head injuries, maternity and postpartum recovery, and respiratory problems. If you’re looking for treatment for a specific ailment, you should concentrate on locating a physiotherapist who specializes in that area.

#2. Accessibility in terms of location

While it may seem to be a minor point, location should be addressed, particularly when working on any persistent pain. Driving great distances is not advised when you have musculoskeletal issues, and post-surgical rehabilitation may be a sensitive procedure. Therefore, if possible, select a physiotherapist in Calgary who is easily accessible from your home or office.

Sustaining a physiotherapy treatment plan over time takes numerous visits. If you select an inconvenient service, it will act as a roadblock to your success. At The Port Physiotherapy and Massage, we recognize how challenging it may be to fit these visits into an already hectic schedule. That is why we send all our physiotherapists to your location! When patients get their plan and home exercise instructions in the comfort of their own home, they find it much simpler to complete the strategy and follow the instructions.

#3. Consider clinic and facilities

You must also consider how accessible or convenient it is for you to get to the Physiotherapist. For the physical injuries or surgeries, you have likely had, you will not require a physiotherapist who practices out of town. Next, visit the clinic while selecting a therapist for recovery because you need to judge the clinic’s appearance and feel to make a good decision. Proper working settings and modern equipment are always found in a high-quality physiotherapy clinic in Calgary.

#4. Consider The Methods of Treatment 

While second-guessing the proper treatment is never a good idea, you may prefer a certain sort of treatment. Traditionally, physiotherapists utilized treatments such as movement and massage, but today, a broader range of therapies is used. Acupuncture, reflexology, hydrotherapy, and shiatsu are a few examples. Inquire about the availability of the desired alternative therapy. Numerous clinics that provide physiotherapy also provide alternative treatment alternatives and may have what you require.

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#5. The Best Customer Service

When you contact to address your issue, assess the administrators’ degree of customer service. Do they devote sufficient time to answering your questions? Do they offer all the details you want without requiring you to inquire about every detail? You will have a connection with this company for an extended period, which means that excellent customer service will affect.

#6. Fast Starters

There are many reasons why an individual may need the services of a physiotherapist. Occasionally, the problem manifests abruptly, while at other times, it becomes apparent gradually. In any case, one thing is certain: it is always preferable to respond promptly. Once you have found an appropriate physiotherapist, do not wait to see whether the issue resolves on its own; in most instances, it will only worsen, lengthening and complicating the inevitable path to recovery. 

The Port Physiotherapy and Massage understands the value of prompt action and will schedule you for an appointment the same day you call or the next working day.

#7. Option for Customized Approach 

Physiotherapy is an individual process; what one patient needs from an excellent physiotherapist is not the same as what another patient desires. A top athlete requires a different level of care than a weekend warrior. While some people thrive on support and encouragement, others benefit from a more direct approach.

The finest physio clinics will offer a customized approach to treatment. If they know that you will require more encouragement, they may pair you with a staff member who will naturally provide it. They should suggest a physical therapist who has expertise in dealing with and inspiring recovering athletes if you have high athletic aspirations. This also emphasizes the need to select a clinic with a diverse staff of Physiotherapists to increase your chances of finding the right fit.


Making the right option is just the start of your healthy journey; however, it is a critical first step to improve life with physiotherapy. Hopefully, the points mentioned above will help you choose the appropriate Physiotherapist. Keep these strategies in mind as you search for the ideal individual who can successfully fulfill your requirements.

Speak to our certified physiotherapists as we offer more than just basic physiotherapy treatments which includes prenatal and postnatal massages, acupuncture, and many more.

The Port Physiotherapy and Massage help you recover from injury and sickness with custom physiotherapy plans. To avoid future illness and encourage a healthy lifestyle, our initiatives are geared toward a long-term solution.

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