Motor Vehicle Collision

Suffering an injury due to a motor vehicle accident?

Motor Vehicle Collision Insurance (Car Accidents)

The Port Physiotherapy and Massage is a direct billing facility for significant vehicle insurance companies. We work directly with them to offer you the finest service and treatments available.

Internal protocol appointments will be billed directly to your automobile insurance to avail of our motor vehicle accidents therapy in Calgary.

Treatments not covered by the Protocol: According to Alberta Insurance law, you must first use your Extended Health Care benefits, and then your auto insurance will cost you.

Your personal injury claims adjuster will determine whether to use the Direct Billing or Pay and Submit option.

If you do not have extended health care plans, billing will be handled by your motor insurance company.

To discuss your questions or concerns about your coverage, please email us at or call us at (403) 567-0189. Our team would be pleased to assist you.

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