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Ready to get your first massage in Calgary? Here’s what you can expect from Vista Physiotherapy

Wed Nov 22

Do you have any reservations about receiving a massage for the first time? Knowledge is one of the most effective weapons against ignorance. Your massage therapist's objectives are to make you as comfortable as possible, understand your objectives, learn enough about you and your worries to assist you in achieving those objectives and bring relief and relaxation.

Here you will find some of the most common questions addressed by first-time massage participants to assist alleviate your nervousness.

Book an appointment for a massage therapy in Calgary.

The first step is to plan your appointment, whether it's for a prenatal massage, oncology massage, or deep tissue massage. You can ask any questions regarding the therapy when you make your appointment. You could also check patient evaluations and inquire about your massage therapist's philosophy and credentials.

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What will you have to do before the massage?

You will have to fill out an intake form depending on the nature of your visit. This form may include questions concerning pain, other medical issues, your medical history, and personal information such as your name and residence.

Some intake forms will also inquire about your expectations from massage therapy. The information on this form is crucial since it may impact your treatment. This information will always be in private. You will receive your intake form when you arrive, or they will send it to you ahead of time by your massage therapist. You can get a decent massage in Calgary massage services. 

Will you have to undrape yourself?

A person having a massage will usually have to undrape themselves. However, you will be covered with a cloth so that just the portion of your body that is being massaged at the moment is visible. Massage therapists in Calgary will not enter the massage treatment room unless you are ready and covered. The amount to which you are dressed should be discussed with your massage therapist to be as comfortable as possible while your therapist has enough access to your body to execute the massage.

How does massage therapy work?

Massage therapy has been one of the traditional healing modalities that have been scrutinized since the advent of conventional medicine in the West. We can now put such concerns to rest thanks to contemporary science, as we now understand how massage treatment can evoke the various responses in the body to accomplish the desired results. It can trigger two reactions.

Relaxation responses.

When your nervous system responds to touch and varied massage techniques, it is automatic and predictable. Your breathing and heart rate slow down, your stress hormone production decreases, your blood pressure drops, and your muscles relax during the massage.

Simultaneously, your body produces serotonin, responsible for good feelings and ideas. This is what helps to alleviate stress's bodily impacts—also, stress-related disorders such as sleeplessness, hypertension, psychological troubles, and so on.

Mechanical responses.

When your soft tissues are exposed to pressure, your body experiences certain physical repercussions. Your body's blood and lymph circulation will improve due to the massage. Simultaneously, it assists in normalizing soft tissue (connective tissue, muscle, tendons, and ligaments), minimizing pain-causing contractions and spasms.

What can you expect from the first massage therapy session?

You must first prepare yourself before coming in for a massage. You may need to reschedule your visit if you have skin irritations, a fever, or are trying to stabilize your medication. Then, in the days leading up to your visit, drink plenty of water. However, don't eat anything right before your massage.

A massage therapist will ask you a few questions

Our massage therapists in Calgary will go through your medical history with you on your initial visit. This will comprise examining your medical problems, pain level, areas of concern, what causes or relieves pain, and contact information.

Because massage treatment impacts your cardiovascular and nervous systems, you must be more precautious about your health to avoid complications. You'll also have to reveal your objectives so that a tailored treatment plan may be devised to match your demands within the time frame allotted.

Do not be afraid while asking any questions or expressing any concerns you may have. Don't worry. Everything will be private. If you're anxious about undressing, speak with our massage therapist, who can devise a plan to keep you comfortable during the treatment.

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During massage sessions

You will have to lie down on the massage table when ready for the treatment. Make sure you're lying in a position that's comfortable for you. Please inform your therapist if you are not at ease. Professional massage therapists will drape your body so that just the areas they would be working on stays visible.

Then, during the session, music may be played. Inform your massage therapist if you have a specific preference that helps you relax. Remember that you are in charge at all times, so ask for it if you need something.

You will have a good experience if you are open throughout the procedure. Also, try to relax and let go of your thoughts as much as possible. Always remember to breathe since it aids relaxation. Some people hold their breath while working on the afflicted region. It would be ideal if you could breathe freely throughout the procedure.

Post-massage session

You might feel plenty of emotions, from relaxed to energized. The length of the session and the massage style utilized have a big impact on how you think.

How long will a massage session last?

While many massage experts offer various packages, the length of a session will be determined in part by the objectives sought. The session as part of an injury-related therapy plan may differ from a one-time relaxing massage. Partial massages concentrating on your neck and shoulders, back, or legs can often end within the 30-minute session. A 60 or 90-minute massage session may incorporate other services at the same location for a more comprehensive massage treatment.