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5 Ways To Better Deal With Stress In Your Life

Sat Aug 14

The modern world can take a toll on your health – mental and physical. Unfortunately, persistent stress may also have a detrimental effect on one’s emotional and physical health. Unmanaged stress may cause headaches, digestive difficulties, sleep problems, irritability, reduced productivity, memory or concentration problems, weight gain or loss, and elevated blood pressure or heart rate. These effects may have a long-term impact on your health in certain instances.

Given that stress is an inescapable part of life for everybody, it’s critical to learn how to handle it effectively so that it doesn’t take over your life and wreak havoc on your health. Unfortunately, females who are stressed often think they can just “push through” or that they should neglect self-care in terms of balancing the many obligations of home, job, and family.

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Coping up with the Stress

Stress is not in our control. Learning to deal with it healthily is beneficial when you visit a professional counsellor. These skilled experts empower individuals to manage the daily stresses in their lives. They pointed out that regular exercise boosts feelings of well-being, encourages meditation, and produces endorphins, which all have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. 

Mayo Clinic’s Research on Stress Management states that Aerobics, yoga, and almost any other kind of exercise are all effective stress relievers. Exercise doesn’t have to be intense to benefit your overall stress level.

#1. Get a Massage Therapy 

Massage therapy is a time-tested technique for assisting in reducing stress and its harmful effects on the body and mind. Even ten minutes of massage treatment has been proven to stimulate the body’s natural happy hormones, leaving you feeling more rested and less worried.

Choose our one of the best massage therapist in Calgary for mood-enhancements as it helps you feel more in control of your body and mind. Soak in calm by decreasing anxiety and naturally relaxing the body’s fight-or-flight reaction.

Along with the tranquil, relaxing environment of a massage clinic, the act of massaging itself coaxes our systems into a more balanced state of health. And, although a single massage session may momentarily relieve tension, clients will benefit more from developing a long-term treatment plan with a skilled massage therapist.

#2. Start getting enough sleep

This one may seem straightforward, but sleep hygiene is a complicated subject discussed in future posts. In general, though, lack of sleep makes you more susceptible to stress, negativity, and high degrees of discomfort. Assure that you receive adequate sleep at night and appropriate rest throughout the day. Consider listening to soothing music, turning off all electronic devices 60 minutes before bedtime, sipping on a relaxing tea such as camomile, and adding a few drops of lavender oil to a diffuser.

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, consider going to bed early. It may be difficult at first to fall asleep early, but as your body adjusts, things will get simpler.

Due to the possibility that your sleeping position is contributing to your sleep problems, our physiotherapists can analyze and then optimize your sleeping neck and spinal orientations to ensure you receive the greatest night’s sleep possible. Additionally, we use various relaxation and sleep optimization techniques to enable the greatest possible sleep hygiene choices.

#3. Follow a Healthy Diet

Consuming nutritious foods and beverages is critical for maintaining a healthy body and mind, and ultimately, happiness. There are some foods and drinks that you should avoid at all costs, including coffee and other caffeinated beverages, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and salt.

We will discuss this in more depth in future blogs since gut health is critical for controlling inflammation, stress, and pain problems.

The minerals and vitamins are the most critical for stress management: Vitamin C, B vitamins, and magnesium are all essential. And this is a healthy diet critical to fighting stress on a long-term basis. Assure that your body gets an adequate supply of proteins, healthy fats, nutritious carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

#4. Consult a Physiotherapist

Many individuals have never considered physiotherapy as a kind of treatment for stress. In two ways, physiotherapy deals with stress: First, it encourages patients to increase their level of physical activity, and second, it deals with symptoms of pain and health problems.

While suffering from a serious illness is one of the most difficult challenges we may face, it is also one of the most traumatic things we can endure. 

Emotional disease induced by physical illness is hard to replicate. Physiotherapy addresses many health issues that may seriously impact an individual’s physical and emotional well-being. Arthritis, respiratory problems, cancer-related disorders, and other health conditions may all be treated with cannabis.

Physiotherapy may help you manage stress in your life by resolving or alleviating health issues and increasing your physical activity. Contact a physiotherapist now to discover more about how this kind of treatment may help you manage your stress more effectively.

#5. Start working out

 Not only does exercise release stress-relieving chemicals, but it also provides an opportunity to go it alone with your thoughts – or not think at all. If you’re stressed out, resist the urge to forego your workout regimen to free up time to address your issues. If you’re not exercising already, go out a few nights a week for a quick 20-minute stroll. You may discover that you like the advantages so much that you are motivated to include physical exercise in your daily routine.

Physical activity has also been shown to reduce stress hormones such as cortisol, contributing to increased anxiety and harmful effects on pain perception. As a result, basic focused exercise may help us think more positively, improving concentration and cognitive awareness.

Consult our physiotherapists in Calgary who can help you discover the best of your physical health by – 

• Correcting posture, breathing techniques, and if muscle groups require activation or, conversely, deactivation for optimal operation.

• Considering your strength and cardiovascular fitness

• Implementing active methods for managing your unique rehabilitation demands

• Consider your general health and well-being 


As straightforward as these techniques seem, they may be challenging to execute when your mind is muddled by worry. Make a point of attempting them the next time your mind spins, and you’ll enjoy the rewards of disciplined stress management.

At The Port Physiotherapy and Massage, we are committed to helping you live a stress-free life. You can rely on our professional competence and certified expertise of physiotherapists and massage therapists to get you away from stress. Visit us to know how massage therapy can aid stress management when blended with our top physiotherapy services. Walk in and experience a serene, positive environment that relieves stress and inspires a feeling of pleasure and wellness in you.