Workers Compensation Board

Have you been injured during work?


Have you been injured during work?

WCB Alberta will cover the cost of assessment and treatment if your injury claim is approved for availing of the work-related injury therapy in Calgary.

Please note that while no recommendation from other health care practitioners is required, some insurance companies demand a referral from a physician to see us. Please contact your insurance company before scheduling physiotherapy or massage appointments.

Our physiotherapists and staff are well knowledgeable about workers’ compensation processes and have witnessed numerous job injuries. 

WCB Coverage

WCB coverage is not mandatory for all companies and employees, as the government exempts certain businesses from mandatory coverage. Employment agencies, golf courses, and massage services, for example, are exempt. Consult your employer or the WCB to determine whether WCB insures you.

Injuries Covered by WCB

The Workers’ Compensation Board compensates workers for injuries sustained on the job, including work-related accidents and illnesses. The WCB examines each case on an individual basis. Broken bones, severe wounds and burns, strains or sprains produced by repetitive motions, psychological traumas, and occupational diseases are all examples of injuries. 

Occupational diseases are those that are brought on by specific work situations. For instance, coal workers frequently get black lungs because of their working conditions in mines. 

The WCB may also compensate for a re-injury if an employee sustains an injury from a previous occupational injury while on the job.

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