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What are the common ailments that massage therapy can address?

Mon Jul 25

If you've ever had a massage, you know how lovely it is to unwind and treat yourself to something special. Massage therapy in Calgary is increasingly being shown to be a useful treatment for a wide range of medical issues. A list of ailments massage therapy can help cure, either directly or in conjunction with other treatments, is provided below. 

To treat a medical issue, massage therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Soft tissue manipulation is a key component of this procedure. Throughout human history, humans have utilized massage as a way to alleviate pain in nearly every culture, both Eastern and Western alike. 

Relieves stress and anxiety

Trying to stay on top of all of your friends' antics while still trying to meet job deadlines, take care of family commitments, and keep up with all of your coworkers is a common occurrence for today's grownups. Despite growing awareness of the alarming status of mental health, being overly busy is still seen as a sign of success. 

Regular massages might help you feel less anxious and stressed throughout the day. A massage treatment has been clinically shown to assist your mind and body relax in addition to just feeling wonderful. 

Getting a massage not only relieves physical stress and calms your fight-or-flight reaction (which is often on all the time for most of us), but it also calms your mind and helps you forget about your worries.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When the median nerve, one of the hand's main nerves, is compressed or pinched, it results in a painful condition in the hands and fingers. Carriage work, computer usage, and other activities that create stress on the hands and wrists can all lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Pregnancy, hormonal changes, and other health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes can all contribute to the development of this disorder.

Here are a few of the common symptoms that a patient with tunnel syndrome would feel —

  • Pain in the forearm and shoulder that radiates outward.
  • All fingers save the pinky are numb and tingly. 
  • Deficiency in the hands.

Regardless of the reason, the combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy alleviates the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to helping to relax the hand's muscles and tissues, massage treatment lowers inflammation and relieves trigger points from the hand to the shoulder.


A herniated disc, bone spurs, or spinal stenosis are the most common causes of sciatica, which radiates down from your lower back to the calf muscle. Pain might range from minor to terrible in the afflicted limb as a result of the irritation of this nerve. Overly tense muscles in the back can be relieved with massage treatment. 


Swelling in the joints affects many people. Arthritis is the medical term for this illness. In addition to the swelling, there are other signs of arthritis:

  • Pain and stiffness in the joints
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Fatigue

A burning feeling in the joints is prevalent in the early stages of arthritis. Chronic use of the joint, such as sitting or laying in one position for lengthy periods of time, can exacerbate existing arthritic discomfort.

When persons with arthritis first wake up in the morning, they often experience pain in their joints. This condition can be moderate or devastating, depending on how severe it is. Osteoarthritis sufferers might benefit from a massage treatment. Massage treatment, in addition to reducing pain and swelling and enhancing range of motion, also helps arthritis sufferers sleep better and feel less worried. 

Increase your flexibility and range of motion

Are you able to touch your toes? If you suddenly find that you cannot touch your toes, a massage might be beneficial. By manipulating the soft tissues of the entire body, massage treatment can increase joint mobility and flexibility. 

The effects of sports massage on movement functionality are well-known, but any treatment of muscle and connective tissue can also enhance these parameters. Researchers believe this is due to the fact that massage treatment increases blood flow to the joints, improves lymph circulation, and relaxes the muscles.

Repetitive strain injuries

In persons with repetitive strain injuries, massage can help alleviate symptoms such as discomfort, tingling or loss of feeling in the muscles and joints. Overusing a particular set of muscles, keeping a specific posture for an extended amount of time, heavy lifting, and other things can all contribute to these problems developing. If you are ready to get your first massage therapy in Calgary, then you can be sure of getting relieve from discomfort and boost get strength to better deal with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tension headaches

Out of the many types of headaches, tension headaches are fairly common amongst adults in Canada. Studies have shown that up to 80% of adults in this country sometimes get a tension headache. About 3% of the people in the world have tension headaches every day.

Tension headaches, often known as stress headaches, are brought on by tense muscles in the neck and scalp. It is possible to get a mild to major headache if you don't get enough sleep, you're stressed out, or your posture is bad. Some people have reported that these headaches lasted for many days.

Regular massages as part of chiropractic therapy assist to reduce stress and promote sleep, hence reducing the incidence of tension headaches. 


At your first session at Vista Physiotherapy in Calgary, you will have a thorough assessment to learn more about your medical history and current symptoms. In this way, our massage therapists may tailor your treatment to your individual requirements and desires. In addition, we take a close look at your diet, exercise, and sleep habits, as well as your biomechanics. 

Afterwards, we'll be able to confirm a diagnosis and make a treatment recommendation based on our findings. Even if you share symptoms with someone else, your treatment will be tailored to your specific health, medical history, and way of life.