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You need physiotherapy after a car accident. Here’s why!

Thu Feb 8

If you've been involved in a vehicle accident, you might be wondering why physical treatment is required. There are plenty of reasons to pursue physical therapy following a vehicle accident. 

Your doctor could recommend physical treatment. You may discover on your own that rehabilitative treatment is beneficial to you. You can establish a claim for reimbursement for your physical rehabilitation expenditures as well. After a vehicle accident, you should know about physical rehabilitation. You must know how physiotherapy helps after a car accident.

Common car accident injuries. 

While the type and severity of injuries sustained in vehicle accidents vary widely depending on the severity and speed of the collision and a variety of other circumstances, some injuries are common. Here are some of them;

Soft tissue injuries

These include injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the body. Whiplash, a condition in which muscles and ligaments of the neck and upper back are stretched owing to abrupt movement during a collision, is the most prevalent type of soft tissue injury sustained in car accidents.

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Knee trauma

The sudden impact on the knee can injure the kneecap and ligaments. Knee injuries can be difficult and unpleasant. The most prevalent symptoms are bruising in the affected area, diminished knee strength, discomfort, and limited range of motion. It has the potential to make walking difficult. The healthcare practitioner may recommend knee braces, crutches, or surgery to repair the damage and restore its natural structure.

Injuries to body parts

An individual's head, chest, arms, and legs may all be injured depending on the severity of the hit.

Severe brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries and their sequelae can harm a victim's quality of life. Physical and psychological repercussions are common symptoms. A mild traumatic brain injury may only impact the brain temporarily, whereas a significant one might result in bruises, bleeding, damaged tissues, and brain damage. If left untreated, it can lead to long-term difficulties with brain processes.

Herniated disc

Accidents can cause structural abnormalities in the spine. This is not a life-threatening illness, although it can be extremely painful. The spine is subjected to abrupt powerful hits during an accident, putting pressure on the disc. This causes the nucleus to push through the disc's fibrous surface. Age-related deterioration raises the chance of a herniated disc. 

While most herniated discs heal on their own, some may require surgery. While some symptoms aren't severe, others experience extreme agony right after the event. If therapy is delayed, shooting pain, muscle weakness, and chronic nerve damage may occur.

Scraps and cuts

While most scrapes and cuts are small and require little or no medical attention, catastrophic injuries can happen, resulting in blood loss and the need for stitches.

Why must you choose physiotherapy after a road accident?

Early intervention after an automobile accident aids in injury recovery. Initial therapies, such as neck braces and pain killers, are intended to ease pain and avoid further injury. Still, they do not immediately address and treat damaged soft tissues or other underlying concerns. 

It is recommended that you visit our physiotherapist in Calgary as quickly as possible, no matter how small the injury appears to be. In general, each bodily component might be affected differently by injuries. The sort of therapy required and the time it takes to recover are likely determined by the injured body part and the severity of the damage. You may live a pain-free life and restore mobility with accurate diagnosis and one-on-one therapy.

To avoid long-term health repercussions, it's also critical to get medical help. Getting a professional health evaluation can help you discover injuries you aren't aware of that could become dangerous if left untreated.

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Quick recovery

Patients frequently do not understand the extent of their vehicle accident-related injuries until they resume their normal daily activities. Pain, stiffness, restricted range of motion, and recurrent headaches or migraines are common ailments. As a result, patients must receive physical therapy to help them recuperate. Physical therapy can assist automobile accident sufferers in gaining strength, improving flexibility, and, as a result, reducing pain symptoms. Professionally devised therapy regimens can certainly assist patients in recovering from their injuries faster and simpler than lying in bed.

Physical activity reduces pain

While moving around after a vehicle accident may seem like the last thing you need to do, it can help you reduce pain and recover from your injuries far faster than bed rest. Movement helps the body heal itself by pumping oxygenated blood and other nutrients to the damaged site. Physiotherapists construct one-of-a-kind, tailored programmes to assist patients in addressing pain areas and poor body mechanics. Every workout or stretch has a specific goal and purpose for improving mobility and function. The patient gets closer to a balanced and complete recovery as they regain more and more functions.

Prevention from long-term injuries

Physical therapy helps with immediate injuries by improving strength, flexibility, and mobility, but it can also help avoid long-term harm like chronic pain and headaches. Car accidents, however, can have long-term consequences if the patient's injuries are not treated promptly. You are considerably more likely to have a relatively pain-free life for years and years if you begin physical treatment right after your accident. A Medscape study found that patients who did not seek medical help immediately after a car accident were far more likely to develop degenerative disc disease than those who did.

Avoids the need for surgery

While major car accident injuries would almost certainly necessitate surgery immediately, non-life-threatening injuries are not completely immune to surgery. Indeed, a vehicle accident injury mixed with normal wear and tear may require surgery later. This is especially true for people who refuse to seek therapy to avoid future difficulties. Physical therapy helps to improve weak muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which helps safeguard various body systems. Physical therapy is also a far more cost-effective option for treating your pain than surgery, and it doesn't require the downtime that surgery requires.

Restores function of body parts

If you haven't been involved in a car accident in a long time but were in one recently, physical rehabilitation may be beneficial. Physical therapy can help patients with old car accident injuries regain function and mobility. Patients can attain as near to a pain-free lifestyle as feasible with physical therapy by using various strength training exercises and cardiovascular rehabilitation strategies. Furthermore, patients can relax knowing that physical therapy is a non-invasive, safe treatment that does not necessitate the use of opiate painkillers.


Your physiotherapist after a car accident can get you back on your feet and continue your normal life, regardless of the severity of your injuries. They can properly provide a treatment plan appropriate for your needs based on their skills and understanding. 

At Vista Physiotherapy in Calgary, we attend to these sorts of injuries with customized therapy approaches that ensure speedy recovery of our patients.
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