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Handling Stress Through Physiotherapy

Fri Oct 22

Everyone experiences stress from their daily lives, family, and career. Our bodies take a physical toll from sitting at a desk for eight hours at a time, picking up children, moving objects about the house, and standing on while commuting.

It impacts our mental health negatively. Often stress and anxiety become the source of neck, back, and joint pain as stress manifests itself physically in the body.

Many people focus on the narrow concept of physiotherapy and fail to see how its application can benefit people in ways that go beyond physical mobility and function. Physiotherapists in Calgary can help tremendously in alleviating the stress-related symptoms. 

Cause of the stress.

Stress is a form of anxiety that can have negative physical and emotional consequences. Here are some of the reasons that can cause stress in your life;

Health problems – when you are going through a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis, it might cause stress due to the pain in your body.

Emotional problems – if you are going through anger, depression, guilt, and low self-esteem, it can cause stress to your mind.

Stress management.

There are many ways by which stress can manifest itself in the physical form, including;

– Jaw pain.

– Neck pain.

– Back pain.

– Headaches and migraines.

– Shoulder pain.

– Stomach pain etc.

Stress can induce physical symptoms, whether it is prompted by something positive, such as the birth of a child or a marriage, or something sad, such as the demise of a loved one. It’s critical to have stress-relieving techniques to learn to control our stress and keep it from holding us. Physiotherapy can assist in the relief of both physical and mental stress.

A physiotherapist will speak with you to better understand your specific circumstances and will work with you to develop stress management practices that are suitable and effective for you. Each person is unique; therefore, a physiotherapist will prepare a treatment plan just for you to help you manage your stress symptoms. There are many ways to better deal with stress in your life

How can physiotherapy help you relieve the stress symptoms?

– Imparts education on your postural awareness.

Sitting for long hours can cause deconditioning of all body systems and dangers such as increased chances of mortality, decreased cardiovascular, psychological, and musculoskeletal health, and obesity. Physiotherapists can teach you how to stand up and move throughout the day without interrupting your normal activities. Investing in a standing desk, strolling while on the phone, or standing while reading a document are just a few suggestions.

– Hands-on manual techniques.

Physiotherapists possess a variety of manual therapy techniques in their arsenal to help with pain management, body mobility, and overall physical and mental well-being. Massage, joint mobilization, muscular energy techniques, and other forms of therapy will be deployed by your physiotherapist to help with the impairments and functional limitations of concern. Manual therapy can alleviate musculoskeletal injuries, reduce anxiety, and induce relaxation throughout the body when used in tandem with other methods.

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– Exercises.

Physiotherapists can prepare a customized exercise programme for you. It can address not only areas of weakness or restricted mobility but the entire body. Exercise offers several advantages, including boosting everyday energy, psychological health, lowering the risk of chronic disease and falling, and enhancing sleep.

– Breathing techniques.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is a portion of the neurological system that can control our breathing patterns. Changing our breathing patterns can help our nervous system to “rest and digest” properly and reduce the “fight or flight” reaction. This will aid in lowering general stress in the body. Physiotherapists can teach you these breathing strategies to help you attain more nervous system balance and reduce your overall chronic stress hormone levels.

Stress management with massage therapy.

Massage treatment along with physical therapy can help you with stress alleviation. A massage can instantly improve your mood and help you relax stiff muscles. Many massage therapy techniques can help us to reduce the pain of headaches and eye strain. If you are suffering any stress-related symptoms, find best massage therapy in Calgary to receive the treatment. 

Benefits of physiotherapy in stress management.

– It can reduce the blood pressure level.

– Physiotherapy can improve your attitude towards work and leisure activities.

– It decreases the dosage of psychoactive medication.

– Physiotherapy will improve your concentration span.

– Decreases the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

– Exercises can help you in overcoming stress.

– It increases vitality by reducing tiredness.

– It will reduce chronic pain symptoms, headaches and anxiety related to work.

– Physiotherapy can improve overall physical and mental well-being.


Stress can manifest itself physically on the body and can make even basic tasks feel tough. Physiotherapy may be the answer if you’re suffering from tense muscles, stiff joints, inflexibility, or stress.

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