Our Rehabilitation Services

at Calgary Clinic

Providing compassionate patient care and successful results at each appointment bundled with exceptional treatment and dedication.

Our massage therapists are licensed and fully trained to assess your ailment and suggest an effective massage treatment program.

Whether you’re seeking pain relief or preventative care, the systematic approach by our chiropractors will be novel, unlike any others.

Get a personalized acupuncture treatment plan by the expert that pints to the precise needle points needed for a speedy recovery.

Providing rehabilitative therapy for those dealing with vehicle accident-related injuries alleviates whiplash, neck, and back pain.

Providing physical therapy services in Calgary for your work-related injuries as our professionals assure speedy recovery to help you return faster.

Providing stretching and strengthening exercises for the jaw muscles and treatments such as ultrasound, moist heat, and ice.

We have trained and certified therapists having professional experience in fitting and fabricating bespoke foot orthotics ankle issues.

We use shock waves outside the body to treat several musculoskeletal disorders in a non-surgical and non-invasive manner.

We treat concussions to rule it out as a cause of dizziness and offer therapy plans for post-traumatic vertigo and post-concussion dizziness.

Prenatal massage benefits both mother and baby while it helps reduce pregnancy stress and promotes strengthening the mother-child bond.

Our physiotherapists develop a program that includes pelvic floor and core muscle examination and strengthening to maintain strength and flexibility.

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