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Our objective is to provide the best care, counseling, and treatment available to help you stay physically healthy.

The Port Physiotherapy aims at providing personal, 1-to-1 care in developing and maintaining the musculature necessary to live an active life. Our professionals thrive on trust to bring out your best level in sports, hobbies, and daily life while also promoting healthy aging at The Port Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary.

Consult our Physiotherapist in Calgary who can assist you in dealing with persistent pain, recovering from an injury, or having limited movement or functionality by helping you maintain cardiopulmonary functions.

You can also avail massage in Calgary that promotes relaxation, muscle pain relief, prevents prevention, and ensures much-required rehabilitation. Make an appointment today to discover the benefits of massage therapy.

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Beneficial results include a more personalized therapy, more effective treatment, enhanced recovery at a more excellent value. Our patients have experienced significant success with our treatment services due to our use of modern manual therapy techniques, education, and pivoting the right blend of resources and knowledge for effective patient care.

Speak to our skilled Physiotherapists in Calgary and book your appointment for physiotherapy and massage requirements.

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    Our Physiotherapy and Massage Services

    Specialized treatment for an effective health management

    We are a team of primary care providers at The Port Physiotherapy that serves as a multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic in Calgary for physiotherapy.

    We offer massage therapy treatment for hands-on manipulation of superficial and deeper muscles to improve body functions and general well-being.

    Get non-invasive, hands-on, regulated health professionals at our clinic who promote active participation in your recovery plan.

    Stay fit and recover faster with our acupuncture services which help reduce body movement pain and other inflammations.

    We are a group of experienced physios, massage therapists, and acupuncturists in Calgary, AB, providing high-quality physiotherapy and massage services. Our team has worked with amateur and seasoned athletes competing locally, nationally, and internationally.

    Our Blogs

    Physiotherapy and Massage blogs from our experienced physiotherapists in Calgary.

    Understanding the work related musculoskeletal disorders that workers are prone to

    Repetitive, persistent, powerful, or uncomfortable exertions put workers at risk of injury. Temperature, vibration, gloves, and contact pressure are further danger concerns. The bigger the number of risk variables present, the greater the likelihood of an accident.  There is a reduced danger of harm when a worker does a powerful lift once rather than numerous […]

    How Can Physiotherapy Help Elderly Patients to Regain a Healthy Life?

    Aging or becoming old makes our body go through several physical changes. These changes frequently cause a decline in muscular strength, bone density, and body coordination and even make the joints stiffer, occasionally leading to falls and fractures. For senior adults, exercise may be essential for resurrecting and preserving the physical function essential in everyday […]

    9 Warning signs that indicate you need to see a physiotherapist ASAP

    The pain in your neck or back has been bothering you for weeks, but you convince yourself it will go away on its own. One morning, you awaken to find that you cannot move your arm or leg. What’s next? It’s time to get help from a reputed physiotherapy centre as soon as feasible.  People […]

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