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    The Port Physiotherapy and Massage is your one-stop wellness center with certified, trained experts specializing in rehabilitation and injury treatment. Our physiotherapists in Calgary are on a mission to provide you with comprehensive, tailored care and education targeted at re-establishing your ideal level of wellness. So, if you are thinking, “which is the best physiotherapy clinic near me,” then look no further. We have patients coming from Chestermere and Airdrie, wherein we accommodate their timings well in advance for a quick visit.

    No matter how ordinary your complaints sound, our treatment will be distinctive. By gaining an awareness of your physical characteristics, your goals, and your lifestyle, our physiotherapists in Calgary can guide you through a treatment plan that will have beneficial and lasting benefits. We address the immediate problem at hand and identify lifestyle variables that contribute to the persistence and aggravation of your condition. In our experience, if you are looking for physiotherapy in Alberta, visiting The Port Physiotherapy and Massage is the best option for its approach that is organized and personalized from examinations to treatment programs. The goal of our physios in Calgary is to provide better recovery outcomes.

    Our Calgary physiotherapists provide the best physiotherapy experience to patients. We seek feedback from patients to improve the treatment. The Port Physiotherapy and Massage caters to patients looking for physiotherapists in Chestermere and Airdrie by creating a robust treatment plan that drives faster recovery. Moreover, our clinical leadership team strives for patient awareness that provides necessary health education to our patients.

    All of our therapists are members of the Ontario College of Physiotherapists. They are skilled at diagnosing and treating conditions unique to their field of practice. Visiting our physiotherapy center in Calgary will help you quickly alleviate pain, improve function, and maximize performance. This is accomplished by using a treatment plan that tackles the condition’s underlying cause and through the use of manual therapy, physical exercise, physical modalities, lifestyle adjustment, and education. When physiotherapy is performed properly, it has a significant impact on the patient’s condition.

    Why should you choose one of our physiotherapists?

    In practice, each patient is cared for by a dedicated and loving health expert. Our physiotherapists at The Port are committed to helping them return to their ideal level of health. Our method of physiotherapy is predicated on clinical excellence and on delivering personalized care to our patients. This is at the heart of what our best physiotherapists in Calgary do. Usually, physiotherapists in Calgary concentrate on treating symptoms at other clinics rather than getting to the root of the problem. But here, we prefer to address the core issues causing the discomfort as early as possible to help you speed up your healing.

    Our Approach

    When treating our patients, we generally develop a personalized plan for you based on an evaluation we perform during your initial visit, which may include but is not limited to exercise plans, hands-on manual therapy, physical rehabilitation, and relaxing electro-therapy, as well as spinal decompression. However, suppose you suffer from pain and mobility dysfunctions or have similar challenges and want to try anything other than surgery or medication. In that case, visiting our physiotherapist in Calgary may be the answer for you.

    How can our Physiotherapists in Calgary help you?

    • Ensuring that you recover well enough to return to your prior activities following surgery.
    • Address the issues of neck and back discomfort, as well as joint problems.
    • Promote the prevention or rehabilitation of sports injuries and give information on the signs and symptoms of future injuries.
    • After you have been sick or wounded, you will receive assistance getting back on your feet at home.
    • Provide care for the mother and advice on other women’s health concerns before and after childbirth.
    • While dealing with arthritis, repetitive strain injury, and more, care for the accompanying physical obstacles.
    • Offer treatment for injuries from car accidents.

    What can physiotherapy treat?

    Anyone, including athletes, professionals, and homemakers, may require physiotherapy in Canada. Our physiotherapists in Calgary, NE will treat and rehab patients suffering from a variety of ailments and musculoskeletal problems, including the following:

    Back and neck painCarpal tunnel syndrome
    Degenerative disc diseaseACL injuries
    Knee injuriesPlantar fasciitis
    Sports injuriesPinched nerves
    Shoulder painWhiplash
    Sprains and strainsPre and post natal conditions
    TendonitisTennis elbow

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