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Common Questions About Prenatal Massage… Answered!

Tue Feb 8

Pregnancy is a critically special phase for to-be-parents. Ladies go through a lot during that time. They lose their body while their health goes for a random spin with every passing month.

It can be made a smoother ride without the consumption of any medicine. One can opt for prenatal massage in Calgary to prevent or lower the pain and strains related to the beautiful nine months.

A female body gains weight and gets disturbed by the unavoidable wrong posture. This is further accelerated by various aches and pains in the body. With prenatal massage, to-be-parents can relax about health taking a downturn during pregnancy.

Common Questions About Prenatal Massage Answered

A normal tendency is to have questions before starting any treatment. While prenatal massage is not exactly a treatment, it does perform wonders on a pregnant lady.

In this article, we attempt to answer some of the most asked questions related to prenatal massage.

What Is Prenatal Massage?

To put it simply in non-technical words, a prenatal massage is a massage that is dedicatedly designed for and performed on a pregnant woman.

It is different from the traditional massage. Both serve the same purpose. What changes in the position in which a professional performs the massage? The traditional massage is done by asking the person to lie on his or her back. In the case of prenatal massage, the woman is asked to sit straight.

A clinic offers the best physiotherapy in Calgary by further customizing it with a cushion if needed. In the majority of the cases, a cushion is provided to ensure that the pregnant woman does not feel uncomfortable during the prenatal massage.

How Safe Is A Prenatal Massage?

Two factors influence the answer to this question. These are the stage of pregnancy and what the doctor says.

No professional recommends prenatal massage during the first three months of pregnancy. This is to avoid dizziness and morning sickness. A prenatal massage is known to cause severe dizziness if it is performed in the first trimester of regency. It can also contribute to morning sickness, making the situation more vulnerable for the pregnant lady.

Doctors usually examine the pregnant woman before prescribing her a prenatal massage. It is entirely safe but certain precautions are still required especially if the pregnant woman is suffering from a health condition like diabetes or any heart disease.

There is no conclusive evidence that a prenatal massage causes labor but professionals believe that it is a possibility.

A prenatal massage is still safe if the professional avoids pressure points like heel and ankle bone.

Does A Prenatal Massage Serve Any Benefit?

It actually does serve some benefits. Women report higher stress levels during pregnancy. It is a common occurrence that must be dealt with on an urgent basis. A stress-free pregnant lady means a healthy baby.

What a prenatal massage does is that it reconnects the mind with the body. In other words, it relaxes the pregnant woman and loosens her muscles.

It additionally fixes aches and pains related to the back, neck, and joint. They can leave a permanently damaged mark on the woman If not treated on time. A prenatal massage helps to prevent insomnia and swelling.

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How Much Does One Session Of A Prenatal Massage Cost?

The cost of a prenatal massage varies depending on the location and professional. However, a prenatal massage in Calgary can cost somewhere between $30 and $60 for a session of 30-60 minutes.

Every household is capable of bearing the cost. You can still look to get it reduced by picking the right insurance plan. They do not cover the entire cost of a prenatal massage but you can get a decent discount for every session.

You can alternatively consult your family doctor in Calgary to make the best recommendation. It is great if you have a physiotherapist in your network who dedicatedly works with pregnant women.

Can Prenatal Massage Be Done At Home?

Yes, it can be done at home. You can either have the professional visit your place or ask your partner to help you with the prenatal massage.

It is entirely safe till the time you are taking all the precautions recommended by the doctor or physiotherapist. Your partner can start by rubbing your foot gently. Use a lotion that is safe for the skin. Continue rubbing the foot as gently as possible. Then move up to use only a thumb in a rational direction.

Don’t exert pressure. Avoid points like heel and ankle bone to put unnecessary pressure to induce labor. Even though not proved, there is no harm in taking a precautionary measure.

Ask your partner to rub your back. You can either sit straight or lie on the bed in a sideway direction. Perform the prenatal massage on the back as gently as possible. This applies to every part of the body where your partner performs prenatal massage at home.

Shoulder run works fine during pregnancy. It relaxes your body and gives you the comfort you deserve.

Final Words

We hope that our attempt to answer some questions related to prenatal massage was a success. Feel free to leave your questions and we will do our best to answer all of them at the earliest.

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