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Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion Therapy in Calgary

Regain Stability: Dizziness, Vertigo, and Concussion Therapy at The Port Physiotherapy and Massage, Calgary


Dizziness, a prevalent and diverse symptom, often prompts medical assistance. At The Port Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary, we address dizziness with personalized treatment plans tailored to your symptoms, providing effective care for this challenging condition.


Vertigo, a defined sensation of movement, includes simple dizziness. It’s characterized by the impact on the patient and their thoughts about the condition.


A concussion, a traumatic brain injury, can cause lasting damage, affecting physical, cognitive, and behavioral aspects. At The Port Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary, we prioritize comprehensive concussion treatment for optimal recovery. Seek medical attention for brain injuries with us.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Vestibular Disorders in Calgary

Experience specific consideration for vestibular issues at The Port Physiotherapy and Back rub in Calgary. Our physiotherapists utilize fitted methodologies to address conditions influencing the vestibular framework, like dizziness and lopsidedness.

Key Parts of Vestibular Physiotherapy: Exact Evaluation: Our gifted specialists lead exact appraisals to distinguish the underlying driver of vestibular issues, guaranteeing designated and compelling treatment.

Tweaked Exercise Projects: Custom-made practice regimens center around working on vestibular capability, advancing equilibrium, and decreasing side effects like unsteadiness and dizziness.

Visual and Look Solidness Activities: Helpful methods upgrade visual following and look security, critical for overseeing vestibular issues.

Canalith Repositioning Moves: Master use of canalith repositioning moves tends to explicit sorts of dizziness, giving fast help.

Instruction and Way of life Counsel: Patients get significant training on overseeing side effects and way of life acclimations to limit the effect of vestibular issues.

Advantages of Picking The Port Physiotherapy and Back rub:

Talented Experts: Our accomplished physiotherapists spend significant time in vestibular turmoil treatment, guaranteeing master care.

High level Strategies: We integrate state of the art methods and proof based practices to advance the viability of physiotherapy.

Individualized Approach: Perceiving the exceptional idea of each case, our medicines are tweaked to suit the particular necessities of each and every patient. Recapture solidness and work on your personal satisfaction with our devoted vestibular issue physiotherapy in Calgary. Trust The Port Physiotherapy and Back rub for master care and enduring alleviation.

How do The Port Physiotherapy and Massage help?

We have a far reaching staff of vestibular subject matter experts and actual specialists talented in the treatment of different vestibular diseases and equilibrium issues. Because of our area in Calgary, we likewise serve patients in Airdrie and Chestermere who are searching for a blackout facility. Our Calgary blackout facility can help you in starting equilibrium treatment, which is basic for patients recuperating from vestibular harm. It is appropriate for

Patients who have persistent imbalance following vertigo recovery
Patients who experience vertigo in response to certain positions such as BPPV
Patients who have a bilateral loss of equilibrium function
Patients trying to recover from acoustic neuroma or inner ear surgery.
Patients who have limb weakness, diabetes, or other conditions prevent them from compensating for the loss of balance.

Your quest for Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion Therapy in Calgary has brought about the accompanying outcomes. Balance treatment ought to be performed by an actual specialist who is educated about treating balance issues. Patients are completely tried to decide their particular impedances, and the recovery office is custom-made to their specific requirements. The therapy consists of the following components:

Sensory replacement involves the use of vision and limb sensation to help replace the missing balance function.
Habituation, which involves the use of repeating movements to aid in the recovery of the balance system.
Balance retraining involves the use of gait and balance exercises to assist in regaining stability and preventing falls.

What to expect from your visit? Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion Therapy in Calgary

Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion Therapy in Calgary Balance treatment is most effective when performed in an outpatient rehab clinic, although it can also be performed in a hospital or home. If you are looking to get Dizziness / Vertigo / Concussion Therapy in Calgary, we recommend staying prepared for six to twelve weeks. Sometimes, it is complemented with a regimen of at-home balancing exercises.

Patients with vestibular problems should dress comfortably, as the evaluation will almost certainly entail some reclining and side-to-side movement.

If it gets complicated to identify the root cause of the initial visit, we will recommend further testing. Our concussion clinic in Alberta will accommodate patients visiting us from Airdrie and Chestermere. If necessary for dizziness or vertigo therapy, hearing evaluations and neurological imaging investigations, such as magnetic resonance, can be performed.

What other problems can Physiotherapy resolve?

Sense of motion or spinning (vertigo)
Sensation of faintness or wooziness (presyncope) Loss of equilibrium or insecurity
Falling or feeling like you might fall
Feeling a floating sensation or dizziness
Vision changes, such as blurriness
Motion Sickness

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